Seminar Series

The University of Calgary Inequality Seminar Series (UCISS)

Organizers: Josh Curtis & Dean Curran

Meeting Times: The last Friday of the month at 4:00 PM (SS 921).

Objectives: The University of Calgary Inequality Seminar Series (UCISS) is a cross-disciplinary research group devoted to studying the cause and consequences of social inequality. The Seminar invites speakers from the University of Calgary to workshop new research, covering a wide range of topics related to inequality, such as:

  • Class structures, stratification, and mobility
  • Income and wealth inequality
  • Political attitudes, behaviours, and identities
  • Economic sociology, capitalism, and political economy
  • Environmental, financial, and social risk
  • Ageing and the life course
  • Sex and gender studies
  • Immigration, race, and ethnicity
  • Health, mental health, and well-being

The goal of this seminar is to workshop new theoretical and methodological research on inequality and stratification in the social sciences. This workshop provides graduate students and faculty with opportunities to share their research.

Participation: The UCISS is open to all interested graduate students and faculty.

Call for Papers: If you would like to present a paper, proposal, or research in progress, please let Josh ( or Dean ( know as soon as possible.