Teaching Awards

USC Teaching Honour Roll Award of Excellence , Western University, 2014-2015.

www.ratemyprofessor.com, Average score of 4.8/5 (December 2016).


University of Calgary

Sociology 413: Intermediate Qualitative Methods (Fall)

Sociology 315: Introductory Social Statistics (Winter)


Past Courses

Sociology 110: Introduction to Research Methods  (Bishop’s University)

Syllabus: SOC110.ResearchMethods

Sociology 220: Stratification, Work, and Leisure  (Bishop’s University)

Syllabus: Soc220.StratificationWorkLeisure

Sociology 361: Qualitative Research Methods  (Bishop’s University)

Syllabus: SOC361.QualitativeResearchMethods

Sociology 111: Data Collection (Bishop’s University)

Sociology 214: Aging and Society (Bishop’s University)

Sociology 311: Quantitative Research Methods (Bishop’s University)

Sociology 4487B: The Politics of Inequality (University of Western Ontario).

Syllabus: SOC4487B.PoliticalSociology

Sociology 220: Social Stratification in Canada (University of Toronto).

Syllabus: SOC220.SocialStratification

Sociology 422: Political Sociology (University of Toronto).

Syllabus: SOC422.PoliticalSociology